Submit to Proceedings

Proceedings welcomes submissions from anyone writing in the journal’s three focus areas, provided they meet the guidelines below. Any piece published here:

  • Must not be longer than 4,000 words, including footnotes.
  • Must use something that looks similar to the latest edition of the Bluebook or Baby Blue’s Guide to Legal Citation, but should be lightly footnoted. When possible, sources should include a hyperlink.
  • Should use a more vernacular, accessible style than traditional print scholarship. We appreciate submissions with a more informal tone and/or unique voice.
  • If the piece is a Contribution:
    • Must be a thesis-driven piece documenting a novel or interesting approach or approaches to an unsettled legal question.
    • Must have arisen from a moot court program. Indicate the program from which the Contribution derives in the first footnote.
  • If the piece is part of our Rethinking Mooting series or represents Mooting News:
    • Must be relevant to moot court, being the use of a simulated legal argument before a decision-making tribunal,
    • Must not reference, directly or indirectly, any school or team winning or losing any moot court competition of any kind, ever.

To submit a contribution to Proceedings, simply fill out the form below.