Do pass­ports and Con­sular Reports of Birth Abroad con­sti­tute con­clu­sive proof of U.S. cit­i­zen­ship such that the State Department’s revo­ca­tion of these doc­u­ments is not imper­mis­si­bly retroac­tive? Sonya Chung (’17) and Zi Lin (’17) exam­ine this ques­tion, based on their expe­ri­ence as writ­ers of the prob­lem for the New York Uni­ver­si­ty School of Law 2016 Immi­gra­tion Law Com­pe­ti­tion. Their Con­tri­bu­tion dis­cuss­es the state of the law sur­round­ing pass­ports and CRBAs as evi­dence of cit­i­zen­ship and their revo­ca­bil­i­ty. The Con­tri­bu­tion argues that courts should allow indi­vid­u­als to use these doc­u­ments as con­clu­sive proof of cit­i­zen­ship and that the State Department’s pow­er to cor­rect its own errors should be cir­cum­scribed care­ful­ly in cas­es where there has been extend­ed reliance on cit­i­zen­ship rights.